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+ Who qualifies to receive medical transportation by Project Amistad?

Project Amistad provides transportation to thousands of persons through various contracts and partnerships with the City and County of El Paso and various local agencies. Please call the Transportation Office at (915) 532-3415 to determine if you qualify for any of our transportation services. You will need to meet the criteria for the various programs.

+ Are there other agencies that can qualify a person to receive medical transportation?

Yes. Persons sixty years or older may qualify for medical transportation to doctor’s appointments, medical treatments or to receive other types of medical needs. Some considerations to receive this transportation include: not having access to a vehicle, no one to provide transportation, no access to Sun Metro and other reasons. Contact the Area Agency on Aging at 915-533-0998 to find out if you qualify.

+ How do persons on dialysis receive transportation to their treatment?

Persons who are Medicaid eligible can qualify to receive transportation for dialysis treatment. Call the State of Texas Medicaid office at 1-877-633-8747. If approved, Project Amistad provides transportation – but approval has to be obtained first.

+ Do all the vehicles operated by Project Amistad have wheel chair lifts?

Yes. All vehicles meet the ADA requirements to transport persons in wheelchairs.

+ Is Project Amistad part of the program that operates the “Lift” in the City?

No. The LIFT is operated by Sun Metro, the municipal transportation service provided by the City of El Paso. For information about their services, call 915-212-0100.