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+ Is there a fee to have Project Amistad serve as Representative Payee for an individual?

Yes. The Social Security Administration has authorized Project Amistad to withhold $41.00 from the individual's monthly benefits for providing payee services.

+ Is this service available only for persons receiving Social Security?

No. Project Amitad provides representative payee servies to individuals who receive VA benefits, retirement annuities, pensions, trust funds, etc. A fee of $41.00 is deducted from the individual's monthly benefits for providing payee services.

+ Once a bank account is established by Project Amistad, can the person withdraw money from the account?

No. The purpose for being the Money Manager is for Project Amistad to be the money manager for the person. The bank account is established in the name of the person and Project Amistad and funds are available through the caseworker assigned to the person.

+ Who qualifies for Money Management services?

Adults age 62 and older (disabled or not) who need assistance to properly manage their finances and personal assets.

+ Once a bank account is established by Project Amistad, can the person withdraw money from the account?

No. The bank account is established in the name of the person and Project Amistad as the Representative Payee. The assigned Money Management Case Manager completes together with the individual an expense/budget report and reviews the report with the individual so heshe is aware of their finances. The bank account is managed by the Money Management Case Manager only.

+ If there is money left over at the end of the month, what happens to it?

The funds are kep safe in the individual's bank account. These funds can be used in the future. Or, they can be used in an emergency or for other unforseen expenses. The Money Management Case Manager is trained to educate and assist the individual in planning for his or her future needs including preneed funeral arrangments.

+ How does someone enroll for money management services?

The Medical Statement form and Referral form must be completed and submitted to the Money Management Case Manager. The case manager will then set up an appointment to meet with the individual to discuss the services and enroll the individual. The individual must agree to the terms of the arrangement prior to enrollment.

+ Who qualifies to receive medical transportation by Project Amistad?

Project Amistad transports Medicaid recipients who are approved for this service by the State Medicaid office. The best way to determine eligibility is to contact the State of Texas Medicaid Office at 1-877-633-8747 and ask if you qualify for medical transportation through Medicaid.

+ Are there other agencies that can qualify a person to receive medical transportation?

Yes. Persons sixty years or older may qualify for medical transportation to doctor’s appointments, medical treatments or to receive other types of medical needs. Some considerations to receive this transportation include: not having access to a vehicle, no one to provide transportation, no access to Sun Metro and other reasons. Contact the Area Agency on Aging at 915-533-0998 to find out if you qualify.

+ How do persons on dialysis receive transportation to their treatment?

Persons who are Medicaid eligible can qualify to receive transportation for dialysis treatment. Call the State of Texas Medicaid office at 1-877-633-8747. If approved, Project Amistad is receives approval to provide transportation – but approval has to be obtained first.

+ Do all the vehicles operated by Project Amistad have wheel chair lifts?

Yes. All vehicles meet the ADA requirements to transport persons in wheelchairs.

+ Is Project Amistad part of the program that operates the “Lift” in the City?

No. The Lift is operated by Sun Metro, the municipal transportation service provided by the City of El Paso. For information about their services, call 915-533-3333.

+ What is the schedule and route for the El Paso County RURAL Transit and what is the fee?

The fee to ride the transit bus is $2.00. Click here for map and schedules.

+ Transportation Services in Colonias?

The JARC Program is designed to provide transportation to residents from a number of colonias in Far East El Paso County.

The Program will transport persons to their worksites and to further their education at El Paso Community College, UTEP, or attend a training institution or school.

Riders will be connected with existing transit system or if the demand is significant, transportation can be provided to specific locations such as place of employment, job training site, school or other destinations.

Because funds are limited, colonias with significant populations will receive this new transportation service. Businesses employing workers from the designated colonias and training schools can contact the Project Amistad office via email or by calling (915) 532-3415 to learn about qualifications for service. Residents from the following colonias will be served through the JARC Program: * Aldama Estates * Aljo Estates * Bagge West * Bauman Estates * Bovee Rd Tract * Cielo Azul * Cotton Valley Estates * Delip Subdivisions * El Gran Valle * Ellen Park * Flor del Rio * Frank Part I * Jones * La Junta * Las Lomas * La Junta * McAdoo Acres * Melton Place * Mesa Verde * Monte Rosales Subdivision * Rosa Azul * Roseville * San Ysidro * Sunshine * Tract 27 * Valle Real * Vinedo Allen Road * Wiseman Estates

Colonias to receive transportation services are located in the Socorro, Texas area, they include: * Alameda Estates * Algodon * Angie * Bejar * Belen Plaza * Buford View Estates * Calcutta * County Green * Dindinger Road * El Campestre * Friedman Estates * Friedman Estates II * Grijalva Gardens * Gurdev * Hacienda del Valle * Hillcrest Manor * Industrial Park * La Fuente * La Jolla * Las Milpas * Las Palmas * Leigh Clark Survey * Lewis Subdivision * Lynn Park * Mary Lou Park * Madrilena * Moon Subdivision * North Loop Acres * Poole * Rancho Miravel * Rio Rancho Estates * Rio Vista * San Augustin * Sanas Martina * Socorro Grant * Socorro Mission * Socorro Village * Spanish Trail * Sun Haven * Villa Espana