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When was the last time you experienced peace and tranquility? 

The fast pace of our modern society combined with our instant access to the troubles and problems of our families, communities, and the world through electronic media can leave us worried about our present and our future.  On-going persistent worry can trigger anxiety and depression symptoms which can lead to a mental health disorder if not addressed in a timely manner.  Unfortunately, many of us try to cope with this on our own by avoiding people, places, situations, and events that may evoke any negative thoughts and anxious feelings.  As we avoid these things we become more isolated and withdrawn leaving us feeling lonely and eventually in a state of depression.  When depression symptoms persist, we can find ourselves using drugs or alcohol or engaging in other high-risk behaviors.  Some people may even try to stay busy by working excessive hours or just engaging in other activities hoping to distract themselves from all that is going wrong in their lives.


What does this mean for you?

Unfortunately, life rarely improves or gets better all on its own and avoidance or distraction only increases the intensity and frequency of our anxious thoughts and depressive symptoms.  If we continue doing the same things we will continue to get the same results and that’s the truth.  To show you what I mean take a few moments to consider your own experience over the last two months.  Think about the negative and unwanted thoughts, feelings, memories, and bodily sensations you have experienced and how you have responded and attempted to cope with them.  How has what you have been doing worked? Sure, you may have experienced short-term relief, but did things really improve or are they relatively the same?  The answer to these questions may vary but the consensus is that avoiding, or distracting is only a short-term fix.  So maybe it’s time to try something new that might have long- term results.


Imagine getting out of the rut that you are stuck in!

If you have ever been stuck in the mud or snow chances are you did not get out alone someone help to push or pull you out from where you’re stuck.  Life is not any different when we find ourselves stuck in cycles of anxiety, stress, depression, or fear, we could use some help to get to a better place.  A therapist/counselor can provide that help with evidenced-based therapeutic approaches designed to expand your options, accept the past, develop a willingness to approach rather than avoid and distract, and disconnect from unhelpful thought patterns. You have total control of how you respond to the difficulties of life.

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