Providing Pathways to Healing, Growth, and Freedom

Providing Pathways to Healing, Growth, and Freedom

Therapy can be the path 

HEALING the wounds of past experiences. GROWTH in abilities to cope with distressing life situations. Discovering FREEDOM to make value based life choices. 

Amistad Family counseling center focus:

Provide the highest quality of mental health counseling to Individual, Group and Family Therapy

You may benefit from counseling/therapy if any of the following statements are true:

Your engagement and functioning in work, family or social interactions have deteriorated!

You are isolating and feeling lonely!

You often experience nervousness and/or fear around certain people, places or situations!

You avoid previously enjoyable people events and interactions!

You are experiencing decreased sleep and/or appetite!

You frequently experience racing thoughts!

You often experience low mood and/or ruminate on past experiences!

You frequently experience angry outbursts or feel like you are on edge!

You are overwhelmed by marital or relational conflict!

You often engage in high risk behavior (bingeing on or abusing drugs, alcohol, food or sex)!


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