As per HHSC (Medicaid) contractual specifications, Amistad will no longer provide door-to-door transportation service. Curb-to-curb service will be implemented for all Amistad riders. This will go into effect on June 15th 2017 For questions or information, you may contact Amistad @ 915-532-3415


Según especificaciones actuales de HHSC (Medicaid), Amistad ya no proporcionará servicio de transporte puerta a puerta. Servicio de banqueta a banqueta será implementado para todos los usuarios de Amistad. Esto será efectivo a partir del 15 de Junio de 2017 Para preguntas o información favor de contactar las oficinas de Amistad @915-532-3415

Notice to persons who use the Sun Metro Lift after-hours:

Beginning Wednesday February 1st, 2017 there will be some changes to the early morning/after hour transportation that is currently performed by Sun City Cab. Sun Metro LIFT will no longer be managing the after-hours service. The service has been awarded to Project Amistad which will manage the following:

Transportation Requests for after-hours/early morning transportation:

Beginning February 1st, 2017 any Sun Metro LIFT passenger seeking early morning transportation to dialysis, work, etc., may call Project Amistad directly to schedule their trips

  • The number to call is 915-532-3415
  • Call Center Hours: 8:00AM to 4:00PM Mon-Friday
  • Passengers must call 48 hours in advance to schedule their trips. In other words if they require services for Monday theymust call no later than Friday.

NOTE: Due to limited funding, trips will be scheduled on a first come-first serve basis – please be sure to plan ahead, in the event that there is limited availability in the foreseeable future.

What is the cost of each trip?

Project Amistad will only accept cash fares in the amount of $2.50, no LIFT tickets will be accepted.

Will Project Amistad be transporting me?

No. Sun City Cab will continue to provide the service but Project Amistad will be managing the contract. If you have any complaints or commendations regarding the service you received, you will need to call Project Amistad at 915-532-3415.

What if this change does not work for me?

If this change does not work for you, you may speak with your employer, physician, dialysis caseworker and see if they are able to change your appointment/work schedule during the Sun Metro LIFT hours of operation so that you may resume your transportation with the LIFT.

Transportation Program

Project Amistad offers a variety of transportation options to residents living in the Far West Texas region. The agency's fleet of more than 80 vehicles has become a constant presence on streets and highways in the far west region including El Paso and the Big Bend area. The agency transports thousands of elderly residents and persons with disabilities to their medical destinations each week.

Besides transporting Medicaid-eligible clients, Children with Special Health Care Needs Services who are diagnosed with cancer or cancer related illness and meet program financial and residential eligibility, Project Amistad provides transportation to thousands of persons through various contracts and partnerships with the City and County of EI Paso, TxDOT, and various local agencies. If approved, Project Amistad will provide transportation to doctor’s appointments, cancer treatments, therapy, dialysis, pharmacies, or other approved medical appointments.

Click here for FAQs about our Transportation program.